Get Your Space Ready: Furniture Moving Services for Floor Installation

Our team will move furniture for you in Marietta or Alpharetta, GA

Are you ready to install new floors in your home? Before you can move forward with your project, you'll have to move furniture out of the way. Luckily, you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. BK Flooring Services, Inc offers furniture moving services in Marietta and Alpharetta, GA. Before we start working on your floors, we'll move all your furniture out of the way.

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How will our team help you?

You won't have to lift a finger with our team on the job. We:

  • Move furniture for residential and commercial projects
  • Include the cost of moving furniture in the total project cost
  • Can completely clear out spaces if needed for full installation and refinishing projects
Our hardworking team will take care of your furniture before and after your flooring project. Speak to our owner today to arrange for moving services.