Gerardo Soto, Founder, has been in the flooring business since the '90s. He was introduced into the business by his late brother-in-law, Henry Altamirano. Gerardo spent a couple of years shadowing Henry until he was able to master the trade himself. In 1998, Henry gave Gerardo his first set of equipment to get started on his own. Gerardo and his wife, Jacqueline Soto, fell in love with the hardwood floors business as they saw how it can enhance the beauty of any home, so they ventured into establishing their own hardwood flooring business. As with many small businesses, there are many trials and tribulations that can get in the way. In 2009, a horrific accident that claimed the life of Gerardo's mother and nearly claimed his too, took the family by storm, and severely impacted all the efforts they had worked so hard to build. However, with great faith, strength and courage, Gerardo made a full recovery and was able to get back on the path of fulfilling their dream.

In 2011, BK Flooring Services, Inc was founded, a family owned and operated business with their number one priority being customer satisfaction. BK stands for Bismark and Kenny, who are two out of the four kids of the family and one of them is already working in the business, learning the trade. At BK Flooring Services, the focus is to provide customers with a positive experience while enhancing the beauty of all homes or commercial spaces with a flooring material that transcends generations without going out of style! The unique beauty of hardwood floors will bring any room or space to life by adding that classic, elegant look many enjoy. BK Flooring Services receives most of their customer through referrals, serving families for at least 2 generations!